Vanity or Vitality?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Developing a Healthier Relationship with Food & Exercise

If you could choose one word or phrase to summarize your current relationship with food and exercise, what would it be? Over exerciser? Calorie Counter? Too Tired to Workout? Glutton?...

One thing is for certain: We’ve been programmed to go to EXTREMES.

Most of us struggle not with food or exercise but rather with an unhealthy relationship to these aspects due to societal and familial programming which have embedded deeply flawed beliefs within us. Think back to your childhood… Did one or both of your parents struggle with food or weight issues? Were you judged for your weight or eating habits, or made fun of by your siblings or peers? Did you grow up in a family of athletes who were hyper-focused on performance and fitness? Perhaps you or somebody in your household developed an eating disorder? Maybe you reached for a piece of chocolate cake and your mother said, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”?

Even if your family had a healthy relationship with food and exercise, chances are somewhere along the line, you fell victim to society’s programming. From fad diets to air-brushed super models, we’re taught to strive for an image of perfection that is absolutely unattainable whilst diet and exercise are still the enemies. So how do we build a friendship and alliance?

When we begin to shift our perception of food to NUTRITION and exercise to WELLNESS, that is when effortless transformation can occur. Transformation isn't just about changing our physical bodies, it's about upleveling our mindset. We must let go of false beliefs, guilt, shame, and resistance. Yep, RESISTANCE. Resistance is the only thing that keeps you looping in an unhealthy cycle with food and exercise and puts you energetically out of alignment with fitness and nutrition goals, ultimately keeping you from the transformation you desire to create.

Confused? Okay, let’s break it down…

Look at this plate of pasta. What are your first thoughts?

For many of you, you might say ‘Yum’ but think ‘No Way, Never’. Notice if those thoughts have any accompanying feelings, perhaps a sense of impending guilt, or an immediate image of becoming obese or feeling fat or bloated. Maybe you’re even judging this plate of pasta and anybody who would consume it (a sign that you have rejected carbs and disowned any association with them completely).

The truth is that carbohydrates don’t make you gain weight; your relationship to them does. In looking at carbs as nutrition, you may very well opt for a better choice nutritionally when you release all of the other, pardon my French, bullshit thinking you have around carbs. Remember, the simple concept of dieting is one of restriction. When you view an object as bad or restrict yourself from it, it builds energetic resistance between you and that object. The moral of the story is let carbs be carbs, take the "do not" sign off of them, and don't restrict yourself from anything; simply switch your mindset to making the best nutritional choices, including all food groups as viable options.

TIP: Get to know the meaning of nutrition and what each food group does for your body. Find the value behind each food, whether for energy/fuel or disease prevention. This will guide you to making better choices, choices in alignment with your awakening and ascension, choices that support a healthier mental outlook and elevated belief system.

Is this starting to make sense? You're already on your way to a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Let’s keep going...

Do you obsess about your weight or compare yourself to others or societal standards?

What if you stopped weighing-in & measuring and instead told the story that fitness is easy and enjoyable? How would your body and your life begin to transform?

Ask yourself: Is exercise fun or does it feel like a chore, something you have to do or have been avoiding? When was the last time you worked out for pure enjoyment or stress relief rather than focusing on calorie burning and vanity?

Vitality is our life force energy. It's more than fitness. It's feeling alive. It's raising our vibration. Life force energy is affected by our stress levels, health regimens & eating habits, and our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is literally how our overall well-being converts to energy and flows through our physical body.

Remember that simply looking good doesn't create a glow around you. When you take into account the notion of overall well-being and begin to radiate your vitality from the inside out, this type of mind-body-spirit integration creates true beauty.

TIP: Get reacquainted with exercise in a new way. Plot out your favorite indoor and outdoor activities. Carve out time to do them. Get honest about what you love and what you abhor. Don’t push yourself to run if you’re not a runner. Don’t spend an hour on the treadmill if you hate it. That only introduces resistance and eventually you’ll get sick of the activity and fall off your regimen. Find what feels good to you. Ask yourself, 'what do I like to do?'. Perhaps, it’s dancing but you feel too intimidated to take a class. Well, start dancing at home to music you love. These small steps will build up your confidence. When we love something, it creates a burning desire that lends the ability to pull us out of our comfort zone. Maybe there are things you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t, like pole dancing, aerial yoga, water aerobics, or in-line skating. Venture out of the norm. Go towards things that make you feel alive and connect to the feeling of enjoyment. This is the best way to stay physical and improve your vitality. Looking good is just an added bonus.

Kimberly’s VU: Your body will go to its natural set point when you release all resistance. I became naturally thin when I stopped trying to be thin. I no longer had to diet or exercise obsessively. I began to tune into and respond to what my body was craving. In my earlier years, I was prone to a loop of binging and deprivation as well as compulsive exercising and obsessing. In this cycle, I could not possibly hear or respond to what my body was truly needing. Learning to change my relationship to food, exercise, and my body took awareness and practice (as well as self love & acceptance). I have more balance now and have for many years. Looking back, it felt as though I had been imprisoned within my own body and mind. Learning how to unrestrict myself and become truly healthy was a path to freedom. I now enjoy my workouts, I don’t count calories, I never (or rarely) step on a scale, I love and embrace my body more fully, I stay focused on the nutritional & healing properties of food, and I utilize exercise for stress relief, meditation, and boosting my mood.

The conclusion: If I can do it, so can you!

Post by Kimberly Alleyna @spiritualmaterialgirl

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