The Magic of Manifestation

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

It’s All Fun and Games

Why is it that the things we want escape us? As if we never had the power to create them. Like we are helpless victims of bad luck, poor timing, and missed opportunities.

What if I told you that you have the power to create anything and everything you desire and the magic within you to conjure luck, attract abundance, and open an endless supply of opportunities in your life? Would you believe me?

It’s like that America song, “You can do magic. You can have anything that you desire.” The lyrics describe a powerful temptress, a woman in her power, able to obtain anything she wants with a just a gaze or the touch of her hand. Imagine if it were that simple. No spells, no manipulating, and no magic wands needed. We’re talking about the real magic from within. Think back to your childhood. Do you remember finding it easy to imagine, play pretend, and believe anything was possible? That same magic is still alive WITHIN YOU.

You have the ability to receive inspiration from a higher power and bring the seeds of inspiration from ethereal form into physical existence. To understand this better, let us look at the Magician card in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

His right hand holds a staff raised towards the sky, while his left hand points to the earth, symbolizing the channeling of messages from the Higher Power through the mind, into the body, and out to the physical plane. On the table before him lays all four suits of the Tarot, each representing one of the four elements of the alchemist – earth, air, fire and water. These symbolize the importance of integrating the mind, heart, body, and soul into the process of manifestation.

The Reasons Why We are Blocked

Why do we struggle with manifestation? Let’s break it down:

You don’t TRUST the messages, guidance, or visions you receive from spirit or the higher realms.

Ever have a great idea pop into your head? Perhaps it’s something you’re being asked to create or something you suddenly desire. The inspiration seems to come from out of nowhere and enters your mind. What happens next? Do you shun the idea? Do you feel it’s crazy, far-fetched, or out of reach? Do you tell yourself, ‘I could never do or have that.’? You may even see signs or messages from Spirit guiding you to bring this thought, idea, or desire into physical form, yet you ignore them, untrusting.

Inspiration, means being “in spirit”. Trusting the messages you receive from the higher realms is not only a part of learning to trust your intuition but it’s most definitely the first step in catching the seeds of inspiration, listening to, and knowing when to take inspired action. Whether you view this as Receiving Divine Inspiration, Downloading, Channeling Your Muses, or Reaching into the Holographic Universe, it matters not. What matters is that you TRUST the guidance you receive.


The only thing preventing you from having what you truly desire is the inability to line up your emotions (feelings) with your intentions. If you feel you are out of reach or undeserving of a special thing, object, relationship, or experience, then you will undoubtedly block yourself from manifesting it.

In order to attract what we desire, we must get very pure with our thoughts and intentions. Negative thoughts create low vibrational feelings, and even though we may not wish to create a point of attraction from a place of fear or insecurity, we inadvertently do. Remember the Law of Attraction is always at play. There are no exceptions. That which you focus on (your beliefs whether positive or negative, your thoughts whether hopeful or fearful) creates the emotional state from which you vibrate an energetic frequency, and this frequency serves as a point of attraction (like a magnet) dictating what is called into your physical experience.

Here are some steps to follow to help you get into ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT:

  • Clear out negative or fear-based thoughts.

  • Replace thoughts of doubt or insecurity with possibility.

  • Get happy from the inside out. Become aware of your emotional barometer. Do you emotionally bypass, stuff down your feelings and put on a happy face even when you are sad or angry inside? Feel your feelings and let them flow through you.

  • Be grateful. Appreciation is the easiest way to slip into a better-feeling or higher vibrational state and change your point of attraction to call in positive flow and abundance.

  • Start using high vibrational music as a tool to uplift your mood.

  • Hocus, pocus, you must focus. Place your focus on a positive outcome.

  • Forget the How & When and instead focus on how good it will feel to receive what you’re desiring (and Why you want it in the first place).

  • Believe you will receive. Feel worthy.

  • Imagine it already appearing or happening in your physical experience. Feel gratitude.

Which leads us to the final aspect of manifestation…

The ACTION we take must come from an inspired place.

This is where your yin and yang energies work together to manifest. It is harnessing the Divine Feminine power within you that enables you to receive the inspired messages, trust, and create, yet it is the Divine Masculine power from within that enables you to initiate, take action, and follow through with strength and confidence.

Here's the tricky part... Don’t confuse action with effort!

After we trust, visualize/create, align, and get ready to receive, what we desire can easily flow into our experience. It may feel like it just shows up on our doorstep or crosses our path at the perfect time. Where we err is when action is needed. Most confuse action with effort, meaning you want to force or push or tell the story of struggle. Inspired action feels different – Without question or second thought, the timing will feel right; it will feel effortless, unforced, easy, and magical! It’s the feeling of picking up the phone to call the company you want to work for and the manager saying an employee gave his notice today and the perfect position is opening for a person with your qualifications. It’s the feeling or impulse to go buy something you’ve been wanting and arriving at the store to find it’s on sale and you also get another item free. It’s wanting to meet the gatekeeper who can open a door of opportunity for you, following the impulse to take a walk, and bumping right smack dab into that person.

In each of those examples action was necessary, but it was the alignment behind the scenes that created the possibility and manifestation.

The Rules of the Game

So now you understand the basics, but how do you make manifestation magical and fun?... It's simple. Learn how to play the manifestation game...

The best way to prove to yourself what a powerful manifestor you are is to experiment. In order to play, we must choose things or objects to manifest which have little or no emotional value to us. This will help us separate ourselves from the aspects that ordinarily block us (doubt, fear, insecurity, etc.). When there is nothing ‘riding’ on our manifestation, no risk or reward, it’s simply easier to bring it to life. Let’s try it out:

Step 1

Choose an object that you have no feeling or emotional attachment to. This could be as arbitrary as a pen or pencil. Now, if you have a strong association or memory from childhood about being scolded by a teacher for unsharpened pencils or your little brother stabbing you with a pen, these probably aren’t the best objects for this exercise. Choose something neutral that you have no (good or bad) emotional ties or connection to.

Step 2

Once you have your object in mind, hold it steady in your mind’s eye for thirty seconds. Then release the vision and go about your day. Repeat this several times throughout the day for a minimum of three days.

Step 3

Be ready to receive. It's simple, expect it to show up. Feel worthy of receiving. Open your arms to the universe and heighten your awareness so you can recognize it when it appears. Create confidence in what you're manifesting, and it will show up.

Step 4

Watch the object show up in your experience. Remember, we are creatures of habit and we live in a material and technological world, so you may find the object appearing in a number of ways. For example, you may see an image flash on the TV or on Social Media. Wherever and however it appears, validate it. Validate that you called it into your experience.

Step 5

Keep playing this game and experimenting, each time upping the ante by inching towards things or objects you do have emotional connections with. Notice the aspects within you that block yourself from manifesting, and try to get as pure with the intention and vibration as you were with the neutral thing or object.

Step 6

As you experience your manifestations, laugh, giggle, and delight in them. Thank the universe. Create a manifestation journal in which you keep track of the 'evidence’ of your positive manifestations, document the tools you used to attract and receive them, and express your positive feelings and gratitude on paper.

Step 7

Create a ripple effect. Allow the things you desire flowing towards you to make you feel rich, abundant, and joyful. Positive Manifestation = Feeling Good. The more good vibes rising within you, the easier it will be to expand this feeling and keep your vibration high and steady. This will create a ripple effect, bringing more frequent and greater manifestations to you.

Kimberly’s VU: Once I got good at this game, I realized I could manifest anything I wanted. When I began "upping the ante" and manifesting jobs, money, cars, homes, relationships, etc., I had to get incredibly pure with my thoughts and intentions. It wasn't about imagining the job specifics or every foot of the perfect piece of real estate, nor about envisioning what the new romantic partner would look like. For me, it was more effective to get caught up in the feeling of the thing, object, or person and what it would bring to my life. As Abraham-Hicks advises (and I vouch this is true), if you are feeling stuck or displeased, go general in your thoughts, yet if you are feeling really great and in the flow (creating the ripple effect), you can be more specific about what you think about and wish to manifest. That's because when you're in a higher vibrational state, there's less risk of interference from fear, doubt, insecurity, second-guessing, etc., so you can get more detailed in your asking without resistance coming into play.

Manifestation can be fun and exciting, especially when you are first stepping into your gifts. Imagine yourself as your own little Wizard or Magician. Treat it as a fun experiment or magical game. The more enjoyment you have in the process of creating and manifesting, the easier it will be to trust and have full confidence in your manifestation power.

Post by Kimberly Alleyna @spiritualmaterialgirl

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