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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Vegan Vibes: Awaken Your Inner Healer

There was something in me that knew instinctively at a very early age that I didn't want to take antibiotics or any other pills or prescriptions for that matter. My upbringing was such that my mother lived in fear most of the time, so if we (me or my sister) got sick, the immediate response was to rush us to the doctor's office and take care of it urgently. I remember hearing my mom say things like, "You can't let that infection go. It could spread and you could die." A pretty scary thought to be ingrained in a young mind.

Well, she was right . . . sort of. It can and could be dangerous to allow infection to spread in the body, but the truth is, if we move out of fear and dependence on Western medicine, we would all find the Inner Healer within us. We must strip away the layers of societal and familial patterning that have trained us into this dependency, and begin again (like in ancient times and centuries ago) to practice the ability to heal ourselves naturally and give the body time to do what it needs to in order to heal.

As an adult, I began relying on my Inner Healer more and more, trusting my instincts about what was best for my body, studying homeopathic remedies, and experimenting and concocting until I found what worked for me. Most of us have recurring "things", weak spots in our body that need to be balanced and integrated at the mind/body/spirit level. It's important that we look at these illnesses as part of bigger picture healing and work on clearing energetic blocks, balancing the chakras, and healing & integrating the mental, emotional, and physical bodies holistically. Until you do that greater work to balance your body so you are no longer at risk or susceptible to illness or disease, you have a very powerful tool for treating and curing whatever imbalances do arise for you. For me, those weak spots or imbalances have always manifested as bladder or urinary tract infections and sinus infections. Now, think about yourself for a moment -- are there infections or ailments that you are prone to on a recurring basis (yearly or perhaps more frequently)? Pay attention to where those illnesses manifest in your body because this is a big clue to your overall healing.

Symptoms of the aforementioned infections can make you miserable and could make anyone want to run to a doctor for a "quick fix" cure. Believe me, when I say, I know how uncomfortable this can be. I also know that at some point my resolve to NEVER take another antibiotic overcame my need for a quick fix. This drive was so strong within me that I became completely self-reliant, which means I met and became very good friends with my Inner Healer. Turns out I had known her all along; she was there guiding me throughout my life, helping me to make healthy choices all the while. Some may call this a Spirit Guide but I like to think of it as meeting a wise part of myself, the inner self that holds ancient wisdom and intuitive knowledge to heal and cure any disease or illness. I am proud to say that I have been completely free of modern medicine and antibiotics for over 5 years; I treat, heal, and cure almost everything myself, either naturally and homeopathically.

In handing off my wisdom to you, I would advise that following a homeopathic protocol requires 2 qualities: dedication and commitment.

Dedication & Commitment

Once you decide on a particular remedy or homeopathic course of treatment, you must stick with it. Be religious about it and faithful to it, even if you don't see immediate results, and even if it's a pain in the a*s to go to the store, buy the all-natural ingredients, spend the money on organics, and clean the blender 2x or 3x per day, you must do it. Oh, and you must feel GOOD about doing it, too. Remember, your attitude towards your healing counts. Believing and feeling that the elixir, juice, tonic, potion, or salve you have created IS going to work is a huge piece of this. Resisting or doubting the power of natural remedies is not going to aid in their efficacy. Think of it is as that you are your own doctor, and feel empowered by this -- it can be very freeing to realize you are no longer dependent on doctor visits, RX drugs, and the healthcare system. Honor yourself and your ability to self-heal. Remember that you must give these remedies time to work and your body a little more time to heal when going the homeopathic route, so be patient. An antibiotic that would kick-in a day or two after starting the prescription might take a natural remedy up to 5 days or a week before relief sets in. Yes, this is a longer process than what most of us are accustomed to, so have faith and trust. Be dedicated and committed!

Recipe Exchange

It seems as though old traditions have faded; we no longer seek out medicine men or wise women for our healing and seldom are cures and remedies passed down via lore and generational storytelling. In our modern day society, homeopathic remedies and recipes are still accessible to us, and the internet is a great resource. I've studied and tried many of these and then adapted them or concocted my own; this has yielded splendid results. Here are a few of my top recommendations that I'd like to share with you:

The Green Juice "Kicker"

1/2 Organic Avocado A handful of Organic fresh Whole Leaf Spinach and Kale 1 full dropper of Oil of Oregano (for immunity) 2 oz. of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with mother (Bragg is best) 3 - 4 oz. Distilled water 1 Clove Organic Garlic

1 tbsp. ground Turmeric

Black Pepper (to your desired potency; this activates the turmeric) 2 tbsp. Horseradish - freshly ground or root (this is what acts as the antibiotic; it is potent, so weak and sensitive stomachs beware and use less to start)

Blend in blender, juicer, or food processor. Refrigerate for best taste. Drink half a glass in morning and repeat in the evening. Do this protocol for up to 5 days or until symptoms subside. This is also a great preventative drink that you can consume daily in smaller doses.

The Cure: I've used The Green Juice "Kicker" to successfully treat and cure several potential sinus infections, colds, and respiratory illnesses. Start taking this at the onset of symptoms. Drinking lots of water and herbal tea in between doses of this juice will soothe your tummy, keep you hydrated, flush out toxins, and eliminate bacteria.

The Turmeric Tamer and Lemon Elixir

1/2 cup Raw Honey (local, unfiltered is best)

1/2 cup Organic Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed) w/ zest (optional)

1 - 2 tspn. freshly grated Ginger

1 tbsp. ground Turmeric

Cayenne Pepper (to your desired potency; this activates the turmeric)

Stir the above Turmeric Tamer ingredients and refrigerate. Swallow a few tablespoons in the morning and before bed, or add to boiled/warm water and sip. To adapt for the Lemon Elixir, utilize 2 cups of Organic Lemon Juice & 1 cup Distilled Water, and replace the Raw Honey with a 1/2 tspn. of Agave Nectar; serve over ice, chilled.

The Cure: The Turmeric Tamer is great for sore throats and upset stomachs. Drink the Lemon Elixir as a daily detox, as well as an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine.

The Pucker Up Punch

Okay, so this is the simplest prevention and treatment of a UTI. Drink 2 oz. of Organic Tart Cherry Juice in the morning and evening. You may want to put this over ice, if it is too "puckery" for your taste buds. Do this for 7 days along with a daily dose of D-Mannose (with CranActin in a supplement).

The Cure: Tart Cherry Juice is not only great for your bladder and urinary tract, but also for its anti-inflammatory properties; it can be used to fight arthritis pain, reduce swelling, and boost immunity.

Do you have an herbal remedy or homeopathic recipe that you'd like to share? Vib Tribe members, share your full recipes on the forum or comment on this blog post.

Kimberly's VU: Let's bring back the tradition of recipe and remedy exchange via storytelling and sharing tried and true recommendations. I desire for you not only to reach new heights in your ability to trust and heal yourself but also for us to connect collectively to create a network of healing solutions and support. Why can't we turn Social Hour into an Elixir Mixer? It's time for us to start connecting and sharing on this level. So many of you are gifted healers and already know your power, yet many others have yet to step into their full potential. Give yourself permission to experiment and trust your instincts when it comes to health and healing, and don't be afraid to tell others about what has worked for you. You never know who you might help or inspire.

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