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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Dissolving Separation Consciousness to Step into Oneness

Depeche Mode said it best when they asked that important question in the 1980’s lyrics of People Are People. We’re the same, but we’re different. If we’re one, how can we be separate? And why do our differences perpetuate so much hatred?

The truth is that whether we view it as human to human, human to animal, or human to nature, we are all one, living beings, soul to soul, sharing an experience (incarnation) here on Earth. The idea of separation is a man-made concept derived from the ego. It has been the basis and fuel for centuries of violence, genocide, war, crime, and other injustices.

The Grand Illusion

Separation is an illusion. A grand one. Let us examine this further so we can begin to expand and shift our awareness to a higher perspective…

Whether it’s the Muslim hating the Jew, the poacher hunting the elephant, the attacker assaulting the transvestite, the guy kicking the dog, or the bully pushing the nerd, intolerance is all around us. So what breeds intolerance of others?

There is only one reason why a state of separation consciousness is perpetuated and continues to exist, and that reason is ego-based FEAR. Fear breeds hatred, intolerance, superiority, control/manipulation, abuse, and the list goes on. Oneness can only be reached from a state of love, and in order to be in the vibration of love you must be in a state of trust not fear.

Fear = Separation. Love = Unity.

The word consciousness implies awareness, but how aware can man be when limited by fear-based programming and his own shadow?

Ancestral & Societal Programming

Prejudice, racism, and judgment are often inherited perspectives passed down to us via our bloodline or adopted from limited societal or cultural perspectives.

Ask yourself, are my feelings of superiority, intolerance of others, prejudices, and judgments my own? Or are they the projections and fear-based beliefs of my ancestors? Whose voice is at the root of those beliefs? If your answer is your parents or grandparents, imagine who passed those beliefs unto them… Perhaps their parents and their parents’ parents. Do you see how easy it is now to pass this narrow thinking down an entire bloodline without question? We adopt our family’s perspectives from the time we are born. Here’s the kicker: these thoughts and beliefs are not only behaviorally inherited, they are also passed down through our DNA. That means your cellular makeup is vibrating at a lower frequency because of this programming.

A similar type of programming exists in society. Whether shouted out or subtly embedded in our minds, we’re spoon-fed information and propaganda that promote separateness yet shun our unique differences. From the media to politicians and ethnic & religious leaders, the message is delivered time and time again as one that promotes social conformity, skewed ideals, superiority and intolerance of anything that deviates from one man’s perspective or from an entire group or population. And this is how mass hatred spreads.

Think about the prevalence of bullying that exists with school-age children in our society today versus fifty years ago. Social media and technology have created a new level of peer pressure and cultural ideals, and parents are still passing along to their children the same fear-based thinking and limited perspectives their parents passed to them.

Inner Child Wounds

There’s another factor that contributes to separation consciousness… Our inner child wounds.

Our childhood wounds shape our core beliefs. Our core beliefs spawn other beliefs and also reinforce our ancestral and societal programming. Remember, there are only two types of beliefs -- fear-based and love-based. Our beliefs stay with us, and for as long as we walk this planet energetically vibrating from our subconscious wounds or from the conscious fear-based beliefs alive within us, we will continue finding evidence and support for those beliefs. These are the beliefs that cause separation within us, therefore creating a fragmented self, a wounded self deemed as separate from others. Furthermore, we often deny the unwanted aspects of self by suppressing or disowning them, and as a result, we externalize our feelings and beliefs about ourselves onto the world around us. This is called projection. Projection often shows up as judgment of others. When we judge others, we remain separate and cannot move forward or up in our consciousness.

There is only one way to shift consciousness, and that is to heal ourselves and look within.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~Rumi

It Starts With You

By becoming whole from within, each individual on this planet has an opportunity to step into unity consciousness and assist in uplifting humanity.

Self Love = Unconditional Love = Oneness.

The importance of being a lightworker or awakened being is that our soul deliberately chose dysfunctional templates to incarnate into (dysfunctional families, abandonment, abuse, etc.).

We came here to experience those deep wounds, so we can heal, forgive, align with our truth, see through the lense of a more healed perspective, and share that light with others. Often, we feel like the black sheep in our families, so we can challenge ancestral beliefs, shift perspectives, and create change within our own belief systems and in effect humanity's as well. We are here to reach a higher vibration and come into a state of unconditional love. That is the only way to step towards unity consciousness.

Dissolve the Illusion

The big shift starts with you. So how do you dissolve the illusion of separation?...


Heal from the inside out. Delve into your shadow to replace fear-based programming & wounds with trust and love. Love yourself first.


See everything through the eyes of love.


Embrace others for who they are, their unique differences, beauty and flaws.


Recognize that we are all souls having an earthly experience. Put yourself on an even playing field with everyone, regardless of species, race, creed, political stance, or societal status.


Be the change you want to see in the world. Lead by example.


Share your perspectives. Don't preach. Uplift, teach, and enlighten.


Give without expectation. Help those in need. Extend yourself with kindness and compassion.


Join forces with other high-vibrational beings. Come together to fortify the message. We are stronger in numbers. Collaborate on ideas and the sharing of your gifts. Together, we will uplift the planet.

Kimberly’s VU: Think before you kill that spider. Pause before you take your anger out on an innocent person. Breathe when you feel triggered. Have patience for those who do not practice this kind of acceptance. Nobody is exempt from the separation mentality, I myself included, but through understanding, healing, and compassion we can shift into greater wholeness, union, harmony, peace, and love.

I recommend reading The Shadow Effect, by Chopra | Ford | Williamson.

You are the first stop. You must love yourself fully first before you can be unconditional with others. Remember that by becoming more whole, you will improve your own life and relationships dramatically AND effect the change you want to see in the world around you.

Post by Kimberly Alleyna @spiritualmaterialgirl

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