high vibrational living

high vibrational living


raise your VIBration

Vib Up is an online community dedicated to high vibrational living. We encourage and inspire you to master yourself, elevate your lifestyle, raise your consciousness, and connect with other awakening souls. Join the Vib Up Ascension Project & become a Vib Tribe member to learn, share, grow, connect, and collaborate. 


"One soul at a time, we will master self to become uplifted and one with all, so we can serve the planet and assist one another. Together we will lead humanity into higher consciousness and greater love, harmony, & peace." ~ Kimberly Alleyna, Founder & CEO, Vib Up



Are you desiring to clear energetic blocks, heal from trauma, improve the quality of your relationships, harness your power, find balance, and create the life you've always envisioned, filled with joy and abundance? Soul coaching offers a progressive and integrative approach to healing via therapy-based methods, spiritual teachings, intuitive guidance, and energy work -- all of which empowers you into the driver's seat of your own healing. Visit our sister site to learn more.

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Have you been searching for greater truth, awakening to new desires, and exploring more fulfilling and loving ways to co-exist & co-create on the planet? Whether you wish to align with your soul's purpose or uplift with others, this is the place to learn, share, grow, and connect. Find your soul family, network, and meet other high vibrational friends... 


Join the Vib Tribe.


Whether newly stumbling upon your healing and awakening journey or actively navigating the next level of your ascension, our Online Courses offer the best and most effective teachings to make learning and self-discovery enjoyable and enlightening. New videos, meditations, self-study tools, and interactive exercises are posted periodically for your continual growth and evolution. Become part of the Vib Up Ascension Project to gain access to all of the courses & offerings.


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